Just 3MD

Just 3MD

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So yea...

Here we go. Add the Aros Family as the newest set of bloggers! I'll do my best to keep up with this place and post pictures and updates on us all. Just promise me this, be patient with me. This is new and something that may take a bit of time to get use to.

Some of you, if not all, may wonder why the blog is called Just 3 more days. Well, it's a long story but the cliff notes version is what I'll share. When Rick and I were dating we had the whole talk about "if I die before you" one night. Don't ask me why, that I can't remember. I do remember saying that when we die we'd wait at the gates just 3 more days before we went in so we could have more time together. OK. If you didn't vomit in your mouth already from the sappiness of that feel free to take a moment to walk away and do so should you have the urge.

So, as far as us...Rick is hard at work like always. I swear the man can't sit still! He has cut down a few trees from the front and side yard as well as raked up the piles of leaves and debris. Me? Well, when Brynnan went down for her morning nap I took the monitor outside, donned work gloves and started stacking the wood he had cut earlier in the week. Hard work but I keep telling myself it's a great workout and my butt will look great come summer if I keep it up!


SCRAM said...

Great job on the blog mama!!! I can't wait to keep up with you this way! I've linked you to my blog!

Chris and Lacy said...

That is so sweet!!!

www.oneindiapers.com is our blog :)

TheJeremy's said...

Oooh, that is so cute!! Ugh, stacking wood doesn't sound like any fun at all!!! And you already look great, just like you did right after you had a baby....I was always so jealous that you kept your cute figure and didn't swell up like a fat cow like I did!