Just 3MD

Just 3MD

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween stuff

I love Halloween. I love the costumes, the cider, the cooler weather and the ghost stories you can watch on TV at night. Well, I had to LEARN to like ghost stories. When I was little I wouldn't go in the living room when one was on and I would always freak myself out thinking I heard a noise or saw something. NO THANK YOU. Now, though, however I adore them. Makes me remember my Mom laughing at me and my jitters and how she would sit on the one end of the couch, legs tucked up under her and watch with bright eyes. Ah, good memories.

Anyway, the Littles and I love to craft and we have made a few. Our $3 welcome sign.

We plan on decorating our pumpkin tonight and then we will carve them closer to Halloween when my Mama gets here. She flies in on the 27Th and I can not wait! It's been close to 2 years since I've seen her and to have her here this holiday will be amazing. She and I will craft things with the kids and watch those scary stories (booger movies as my Mama calls them) and be silly. We'll also trick-or-treat with friends and dress up and be crazy. It's gonna be so fun.

Tonight the children and I are gonna try to make ghosts and maybe some Halloween lights. Wish me luck. I have a plan but who knows if it will work or not.

Monday, October 17, 2011

We're here!

FINALLY! After 2 weeks of sickness and moving, we are finally settled in our new house. It's an old burnt adobe style built in the late 60's with saltillo tile and a few other AZ finishes. It's nestled in a nice, older neighborhood with trees and sidewalks and we even had a great first meeting too! The Neighbors straight across the street came over and introduced themselves. Did I mention they brought a chocolate chip bread loaf with them? OH. My. STARS!!!

The two Littles seem to be in their groove already and to tell ya the truth, once this flu gets outta here, I know I will be too. Little Miss has her school 10 minutes up the road and next year when she starts Kindergarten, her school is only 2 minutes up the road! It will be the same one her Daddy, aka The Hubbs, went to. He's pretty excited about that little tidbit. I find it adorable he's so proud of that. Mr. Little on the other hand would be happy in a box with a dirt patch so as long as he has his bike and his race car bed, he's all for it!

I really like this house. I feel like we will be here a few years and not have to worry about moving right away. I can't wait til our mountain house sells and we can buy our own. I have such visions of paint on the walls and pictures hung with actual hangers and not thumb tacks. In the meantime, I know we will make great memories and leave this house one day with good energy and friends all around us. One's that bake. Really good stuff!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When Forest Gump said,

                                                                        "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." I just thought it was a clever little line in a great movie. Well, now I realize it's true. Between the roller coaster of life with children and marriage, the ups and downs never end. I know that's what makes it exciting and fun, but at this moment, this one right here, I want a flat line. Just for a week. OK maybe more like two.

What's going on to put me in this funk you ask? Well, we have to move. AGAIN. The home we are renting while ours is up for sale, still, has now gone into a trustee sale. Meaning, it  goes up for auction and well, we need to move. We found a nice house not too far away. It knocks off 15 minutes of commute for the Hubs and about 10 for me when I take Little Miss to school. The home is actually larger but it's older and a bit...dated. The yard is small but it's large enough to play and has grass and flowers. The Littles were very excited about that. Me to actually. I grew up in the South. Grass is very much a part of me. Running in the wet grass in the morning from dew all barefooted and free. Not to mention rolling in it or sliding and getting knarley grass stains on your knees.

Sigh. I'm happy. I am. It's a larger place for less money but I just hate moving. I don't know one single person who likes it. Do you? Send them my way. I have a job for them. I've been packing up a box here and there that I was able to score from the local Grocery. My plan is to get all the little things and things not used on a daily basis ( think linen closet and under the sink cleaning stuff) packed so on the 7th (official move in date) all we have to do is load the Uhaul and take off.

So there it is. The reason I've been MIA for the last week. Life is on it's down right now. Though I do know for a fact, God has the up right around the corner.

                                                                          And I can't wait.