Just 3MD

Just 3MD

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

R U Serious about that lamp?

So this month has been all about re purposing stuff I have found, bought cheaply or been given. Most of it has made it's way into a design that will go to Miss Brynnan but I have saved a special chair for Noah. I can't do that till he has a room of his own though and I know what color I'll paint his room. Here are some of the projects I have going.

Her growth chart. I made this using wood, a cute fabric, a pink tape measure and mini popsicle sticks for the height measurements. I really like how it came out!


growth markers

Her bed canopy made from a lamp shade, tulle and then green suede. I still have some tweaking to do on this one. Some butterflies to add and then make the chain cover.


I picked this up from Craigslist for $5. It's 2' tall and at first sight I KNEW what I wanted to do with it!

The before


Add some white spray paint in gloss and Brynnan's tutu that's too small for her now and viola!!


This is just waiting for me to get ahold of it.

My next project

OK I know what you're thinking but trust me. If my plan works it's gonna be so sweet. I want to remove the glass dome, paint it a ballet slipper pink, add some small candle shaped light bulbs and then some chandelier beads. Think Pottery Bark kids but on a poor mans budget. I mean, check out the price!!

gotta love the price.

So yea, how could I pass this little beauty up? Come on! Look past the 80's brass. Can you see it? Such a sweet light to hang in my princess' room.

This is the chair I was talking about for Noah. LOVE the lines, the detail in the wood and the fact it's a woven chair!! OH, I got it off the side of the road. I know, it WAS crazy to stop and toss it in my truck but I had to. It was sitting there, waiting for me. Now he'll look smart soon. A fresh coat of paint after a nice sanding along with stripping off that HIDEOUS fabric and covering it in something fun and durable. OH and redoing the weave. I have my staple gun ready, just need a room for Noah.

front before

detail before

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness!!

So Noah is now 7 months old and Brynn has gained a whooping 26 pounds. He is big and she is tiny. Oh well, boys are suppose to be big right? hehe

We had a nice St. Patricks Day and ate corned beef and cabbage. YUM. We all wore green (except Koley the big rebel) and just goofed off! Brynnan got a new toddler bed and she loves it. She has done really well and only fell out once. We now have pillows on the floor.:) Noah popped out 2 teeth, one on the 22nd and the other on the 24th. Not to mention that he finally said Mama! That was on the 29th and it sounds so sweet! These kids are great and growing so much!

Koley has been driving me around townand to the store to get some practice before his big test on the 19th of April. It's crazy to think he'll be driving on his own soon. He's so tall!

Our house is still up for sale and come July it will mark 2 years we have had it up. Makes me so sad for so many reasons! Anway, enjoy the pics and be good!

her big girl bed

Noah's first teething biscuit! He loved it.


His 1st teething biscuit

St. Paddy's Day



happy friggin' st pattys day

Big 7 month old!

7 months

His teeth




My 3 loves!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's February already?

Where does the time go? Seriously, it feels like I just posted Christmas pics and now it's 2 months later! WOW!

SO Noah is growing and will be 6 months in a few weeks. That child is nuts! His newest trick is saying Dada and Rick couldn't be happier! I was lucky enough to catch it on video so there's proof! hehehe

Brynn is being her Princess self. She went to Target with Mommy and picked out a step stool for herself, pink of course, and loves to go potty and wash her hands now! Now we just need to get her back night trained and all will be well. Her hair is starting to get a bit thicker and longer so that makes me happy. I love playing with it when she lets me.

Koley is well. Doing good in school and getting mail on the Armed Forces already. He thinks he may enter some branch of service after high school and I am so proud of him for thinking of his future and going that route. I pray for that child. He's my baby ya know?

Rick and I are great. Working like always and taking care of the Family and one another is a full time hob but we adore it. Still living at the In Laws til the house sells and it's been good. Just waiting for God to place us where we will finally call a place our own again. Say a prayer for us that this will happen soon. I want my in laws to like me after this. :)