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Just 3MD

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Barbie or Summer? Dino's or Super Heros?

Do you plan ahead for things or are you more of a "fly by the seat of my britches" kinda person? Me? I'm a bit of both. UNLESS, it's concerning the Little's birthdays and their parties. I'm a planning fiend and I must confess, I'm already in that mode.

Mr. Little is into all things boy as I'm sure most of you know. If it go's he's all about it. Although he has been interested in dinosaurs and Super Heros. I have a lot to choose from here huh?

What about this as a cute party theme? I adore those cakes and the dino looks adorable. Alsmost too cute to eat.

Wanna wear a cape and eat cake under the identity protection of a mask? Then Super Hero's are what you need!

Little Miss is all things Girly Girl. Pink, sparkles, rainbows, dolls, flowers. Yea, she gets that from her Auntie as I'm more of a Tomboy who likes paint in her hair and the war wounds from playing with furniture.

What about these?

What little girl isn't a fan of Barbie?

Or maybe a summertime theme since she WAS born on July 4Th! I love this invite and it's colors. So sweet!

Pair that invite with something along these lines and I think it's adorable. I can see lemonaide being poured.

 Either way, with both kiddos I have plenty to chose from and plan. I could go all types of ways from the thoughts listed above or even more in a direction that's just plain cute and more how I see them. Like this.

A paper doll theme for my girly girl. I love the buttons on this cake.

We could all wear dresses and as a favors, give out a set of paperdolls and a cute little basket to have them in. I love these. The face on that little youngin' is so sweet.

We could also make these.

Since Little man is called, well, Little man or Mr. ,what goes better than a moustache party? For party favors, again I could give out a printed off sheet of disguises in small briefcases.

How about that for a cake? Ties and mustache's? Cute and simple to make. I'm thinking that's a big ol' YES!

With Little Man's party, I could sit out a jar like this one

and have party goers give moola instead of gifts and it could go into his savings account.

So many cute ideas and only a few months to narrow it down and get it together. I love party planning though. It makes me happy. I always have visions of grandure and they always come out great but not like it is in my mind. Ever have that problem? I blame it on my planning and time management.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fashion do's or don'ts

I'm...leaving on a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back again.

Alright, well, that's not 100% true. I do know when I'll be back. But anyway, I'm off! I'm headed to Colorado Springs, Co to visit my lovely sister in a few days and I can not WAIT to get there. It's in the teens during the day and to say packing was a challenge is an understatement. I'm coming from AZ where it's flip flops and tank tops people so yea.

I consider myself a thrifty person so I headed to Goodwill and bought a few sweaters and a scarf among other things. Figured they would be worn there and not so much here so why spend a ton when I can get a great piece for the closet for cheap. I mean, let's face it. $25 at the mall will get you a shirt, on sale. $25 at Goodwill can get you 2 scarves, a sweater and a pair of skinny jeans. WOO HOO!

So wanna see my outfits I put together? Sure you do! Every girl loves a fashion show so let me share with you what I got and BE HONEST! Am I seriously off my rocker or can I pull these looks off? I have only a few days to make any wardrobe changes so here we go! And by the way, my beautiful Daughter took the pics.

Look #1: black  skinny jeans, brown boots and a denium shirt.

Bless her heart. lol Look #2 for Valentine's Day is a heart sweater with jeans and flats.

Look #3: navy blue skinny jeans (yes those are blue) with a yellow long sleeved shirt under a flannel.

Look #4: olive green skinny cargo pant with white button down and brown boots.

Me: Little Miss can you see all of me in the camera?
LM: Yes I can.
Me: With it tilted that way?
LM: yep!

Well, she wasn't lyin'.

And just 'cause, this is my take on the little scarf hairdo. I really should wear makeup.

So I have a few other looks but since my Photographer needs a bath and I need to get some more stuff together I'll just list them here.

5) jeans, white sweater, pea coat with scarf.
6) grey skinny jeans with black flats and white button down. (The one in the above pic)
7) jeans with yellow cardigan and a silk navy and cream striped shirt with brown boots.

I think that's plenty and it's recurring pieces so I think I'll be OK. Any helpful tips? Ideas on what I have pictured above?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Have you ever...

Have you ever read a blog or a book and just CONNECTED with it? I have quite a few blogs and books I have connected to and some more so than others. I find that Nicolas Sparks speaks to me for his love stories and the fact that his books are set in NC where I'm from. He can write the "twang" so well that I can see home in his words. The antique men and women sitting on their porch watching cars and kids go by at breakneck speeds on their bikes or skateboards, remembering a time when life moved a bit slower; And a bit more quietly.

As far as a blog that has reached out it's called Flower Patch Farmgirl. Her words, her pictures are all so stunning. She writes from her heart and it's so easy to see when you read what she has to say. The latest post from her that totally got me was from Jan. 13Th called Broken Beauty. The entire post made me cry. I felt the loss of a friend and the realization of being too late. Rarely do I cry at things like books or movies or blogs for that matter but this one, in it's raw honesty hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm not too sure why either.

*I know I talk about her and her blog a lot. I have a girl crush on her and I'm not ashamed to admit it. No I have never met her but yet, I feel as though I know her. I think if you read her blog, you'd feel the same way.

Do you have a favorite blog or book? Something that reached in and tugged at the strings of your heart? What was it? What got you and made you sit up and wipe the tears off your cheeks?

~Bugs & Fishes

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Confessions of a style star

My Daughter loves all things girly. Dressing up and looking fantastic is one of her many pleasures in life. Next to ice cream and park play dates that is. She's four and has more fashion sense than I do. She can put together an outfit in less than 5 seconds and then tell me how she wants her hair done. The girl is smart and knows what she likes. I asked her about her fashionista ways in an interview and this is what she and I talked about.

1) What would you say is your style?
Sparkly (yes, that's a word)

2) Who is your style icon? The person you look at and say "I really like what they've done here".
My friend Allison. She's always so cute.

3) What's your rule on white jeans? Wear even after Labor Day?
Just some days of the year are good. I'm not sure when Labor Day is.

4) As far as nail art, how much is too much?
Pink, sparkly rainbows are my favorite. Too long nails are gross and you can't write stuff.

5) Do you prefer a ballet flat over tennis shoes? Heels over boots?
Sketcher Toes (aka Twinkle Toes) and heels are always my favorite.

6) When it comes to jewelry, what's your motto?
You should always wear beautiful earrings. Even if you're sleeping.

See, I told ya. She's got it together and hasn't even hit Kindergarten yet.

~Bugs & Fishes

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diggin' on

I was enjoying my reading of Flower Patch Farmgirl the other morning and she asked a simple question.

"What are you digging these days?"

Well, I'll tell you and then I'll ask YOU the same question she asked me.

1)  I love Words with Friends on my phone. It's Scrabble and though I've never really played Scrabble till now, it's very fun and very frustrating at the same time. I almost ALWAYS loose.

2) The Hubs has a new schedule for work right now. It'll last for only 2 months but I love he's home by 5 and has his weekends off. It's nice to feel normal.

3) My Oster 12 speed blender. It also has a food processor and let me tell you; I have been a blending machine lately! It looks like this one but mines black.

4) This hairstyle.

I love the bangs and the fact that the color is similar to mine as well as the length. I'm thinking I may need to cut some bangs now.

Another reason is because I want to be able to do this and look as cute as she does.

I have 2 scarves I can use for this look and I know HOW to do this look. I just hope I can pull it off. I just love how sweet and fresh it is. Can we say good cover-up for bad hair days?

5) Etta James. She just passed this week and it breaks my heart. She was a truly amazing talent and her songs were full of love and energy. She was a fighter and she was beautiful. At Last will ALWAYS be a favorite song of mine. Jack the Knife is pretty darn good too!

6) K-Love. It's a local Christian radio station here in AZ and I listen to it all the time. My children hear it too and when they try and sing these beautiful songs of hope and love, it truly melts my heart.

7) Cake. Any kind really except for chocolate. I have an obsession and if it's sweet, covered in icing and pretty, it's gonna go in my belly. Just because it can.

8) Pinterest. Talk about a cool site. I am so thankful it exists. I get hair and make-up pointers, wardrobe ideas, cooking and home tips. It's all there.

9) The under mount sink in this rental. I know that sounds funny but seriously, it's the coolest thing. I can make a sandwich and then once I'm done, swipe the crumbs straight into the sink. No fuss, no mess. Just swipe away and in it falls. Then once the food is all gone, I just wash up the utensils used to make said food and the crumbs get washed away too!

10)  This man.

He is my life wrapped into a tall, strong companion. He gives me all I need and even when I think I don't need it, he's there anyway. With him, I have realized that home is in his arms.

So there ya have it. A few things that I'm diggin' and a few things I adore. What about you?

"What are you digging these days?"

~Bugs & Fishes

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to me...

OK it's not REALLY my birthday yet. It's in July, BUT, I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the little things I would love to get. Afterall, I'll be 35 and isn't that something that needs a bit of celebration? I do believe it does! So here is a virtual pinboard of some pretty things I'd love to call mine. And besides, even if they are just dreams, window shopping is part of the fun! So whatta' say we get started?

Some more Toms would be nice. I love these shoes. Not only are they comfy, but they give a pair to charity too! It's a win win situation.

A wedding band to go with my engagement ring. It looks like I'm not even married. This one is vntage like my engagement and would pair nicely.

A 1972 Chevy Blazer. How fun would that be? Driving around, top down, radio on. Ahh, LOVE IT! I'd change the color though. I'm not a fan of red.

We don't need a dog. We don't have one BUT, if we did and could, this is what I'd want. A bulldog, white, just like this. That face is precious.

A beach house! I have wanted to live by the beach for so many years. I feel as though I have salt in my veins. I fit at the beach. I always have. This is a modest home and I'd love to be able to call it mine. Have it sit at a beach in either NC or SC. Yea, I'd could SO do this.

So there ya have it. Just a FEW things I'd love to call my own. From not so much money to "Are you kidding me"! I think all wish lists should be that way. It's gives the giver options.

~Bugs & Fishes

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's that you say?

A writer's block? No new craft to do or explain? What about a funny story? Nope. I got nothin'. My days have been filled with the regular antics of my household. Chasing a 2 year old who, surprisingly runs fast, cooking meals both healthy and not so healthy, being a Taxi for my Daughter for school and play dates. So what's the scene jellybean? Well, me. I'm the scene. I was running and working out and I was doing great. All of 2 weeks worth. Then came the sickies, Christmas and New Years and going out of town. Now it's the middle of January and I haven't started back. To be perfectly honest, I've actually been noshing on these bad boys!

Lord help me! I have eaten 7 out of the bag and now looking at them, with all their smooth gooey goodness, I realize my pants are tight and I don't like the way I feel. I want to run again. To work out again and have that burn in my body from doing it. So what's the problem you ask? Me. I am making every excuse you can think of instead of getting up and going. The Hubs gets up at 4:30am to get ready for work and he leaves at 5:15. So why aren't I getting up, getting dressed and running? It's cold. It's dark. I'm sleepy. See what I mean? So now I just need to tell him to get me up. Make me go and do it. For me. So i can feel good about myself. And when the Little's are napping, well, then I can do the P90x videos the Hubs got me. I have no excuse. No walls to stand in my way except the ones I put there on my own. So there it is. My confession.

Now, to start this journey I ask you for help too. Any motivational words to share? Advice? Stuff to help me get up in the morning? If ya got it, leave it here for me please. I really need your help. And thanks in advance for those humble few that do leave a note. I'm so ready to go from feeling like this

to looking like this.


~Bugs & Fishes

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Noah's rule of life #354


It doesn't matter how small you are, only how small you feel.

~Bugs & Fishes

Friday, January 13, 2012


I've heard about people doing a word of the year instead of the ol' resolution and to be honest, I think I like that concept a bit better. A word, by definition, is a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning. (Thank you Webster's); But to me, a word can be so much more. So in that mindset, my word for the year is more. I want to do more, be more, love more, give more. I want to get out there and run. To move and be fit not only in mind but also in body and spirit. I want to be more. I am a mother and a wife and though that is a huge part of what I am, it isn't necessarily WHO I am. And at 34, I'm still finding that one out. Love more. That one may sound the most easy but if you think about, sometimes it's very hard to love people that have hurt you. So I want to love more. Not just family and friends, but also strangers. People that may need a smile and friendly hello to brighten their day. And to give more. Give more time to myself. Now, that may sound selfish but anyone that knows me knows I'll run myself ragged doing for others and never for myself. This little known fact drives my husband and my Sister crazy.

So yea, just more. In all it's 4 little letters way. Oh! And uh,

Teach more. I hope to be able to teach not only the Little's about God and how awesome he is, but also any that ask or are lost.  To teach other's that, even though you may feel like your rope is fraying and at it's end, just look up. There's always gonna be someone that chooses to love you and help you tie another knot and pull yourself out. To teach that God gave you this life because he knows you're strong enough to live it.
~Bugs & Fishes

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A time to

Reflect? To envision? To what? For me, this new year brings a lot of things to mind. We moved twice in 5 months, saw major things happen with the 18 year old in our life such as graduation and moving away to a different state, the Little's growing up and the Hubs and I growing together. In all honesty, last year was a tough one. Full of so many downs that at one point I was ready to throw up my hands and say "Kiss my grits!"

But thankfully, along with myself, my Mama prays and that "give up attitude" never happened. So here I sit, in my office listening to children play and the vehicles drive by outside. I remember the tough year we had but I'm thankful for it as well. Tough times beget good times. In the dark days we are tested on our faith and we see what we're made out of. Do we turn our eyes upward? Or do we look into the face of others and blame or plead? I found, that I turn my eyes up and seek Him. And, I'm stronger for it day by day.

So what do I think of this new year? Will it be better? Worse? Same? I feel better because I plan to mentally make it that way. See the silver lining in all the cloudy days, listen with an open heart and try to forgive before it has a chance to even become a question.

~Bugs & Fishes