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Just 3MD

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Barbie or Summer? Dino's or Super Heros?

Do you plan ahead for things or are you more of a "fly by the seat of my britches" kinda person? Me? I'm a bit of both. UNLESS, it's concerning the Little's birthdays and their parties. I'm a planning fiend and I must confess, I'm already in that mode.

Mr. Little is into all things boy as I'm sure most of you know. If it go's he's all about it. Although he has been interested in dinosaurs and Super Heros. I have a lot to choose from here huh?

What about this as a cute party theme? I adore those cakes and the dino looks adorable. Alsmost too cute to eat.

Wanna wear a cape and eat cake under the identity protection of a mask? Then Super Hero's are what you need!

Little Miss is all things Girly Girl. Pink, sparkles, rainbows, dolls, flowers. Yea, she gets that from her Auntie as I'm more of a Tomboy who likes paint in her hair and the war wounds from playing with furniture.

What about these?

What little girl isn't a fan of Barbie?

Or maybe a summertime theme since she WAS born on July 4Th! I love this invite and it's colors. So sweet!

Pair that invite with something along these lines and I think it's adorable. I can see lemonaide being poured.

 Either way, with both kiddos I have plenty to chose from and plan. I could go all types of ways from the thoughts listed above or even more in a direction that's just plain cute and more how I see them. Like this.

A paper doll theme for my girly girl. I love the buttons on this cake.

We could all wear dresses and as a favors, give out a set of paperdolls and a cute little basket to have them in. I love these. The face on that little youngin' is so sweet.

We could also make these.

Since Little man is called, well, Little man or Mr. ,what goes better than a moustache party? For party favors, again I could give out a printed off sheet of disguises in small briefcases.

How about that for a cake? Ties and mustache's? Cute and simple to make. I'm thinking that's a big ol' YES!

With Little Man's party, I could sit out a jar like this one

and have party goers give moola instead of gifts and it could go into his savings account.

So many cute ideas and only a few months to narrow it down and get it together. I love party planning though. It makes me happy. I always have visions of grandure and they always come out great but not like it is in my mind. Ever have that problem? I blame it on my planning and time management.

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