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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Confessions of a style star

My Daughter loves all things girly. Dressing up and looking fantastic is one of her many pleasures in life. Next to ice cream and park play dates that is. She's four and has more fashion sense than I do. She can put together an outfit in less than 5 seconds and then tell me how she wants her hair done. The girl is smart and knows what she likes. I asked her about her fashionista ways in an interview and this is what she and I talked about.

1) What would you say is your style?
Sparkly (yes, that's a word)

2) Who is your style icon? The person you look at and say "I really like what they've done here".
My friend Allison. She's always so cute.

3) What's your rule on white jeans? Wear even after Labor Day?
Just some days of the year are good. I'm not sure when Labor Day is.

4) As far as nail art, how much is too much?
Pink, sparkly rainbows are my favorite. Too long nails are gross and you can't write stuff.

5) Do you prefer a ballet flat over tennis shoes? Heels over boots?
Sketcher Toes (aka Twinkle Toes) and heels are always my favorite.

6) When it comes to jewelry, what's your motto?
You should always wear beautiful earrings. Even if you're sleeping.

See, I told ya. She's got it together and hasn't even hit Kindergarten yet.

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