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Just 3MD

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diggin' on

I was enjoying my reading of Flower Patch Farmgirl the other morning and she asked a simple question.

"What are you digging these days?"

Well, I'll tell you and then I'll ask YOU the same question she asked me.

1)  I love Words with Friends on my phone. It's Scrabble and though I've never really played Scrabble till now, it's very fun and very frustrating at the same time. I almost ALWAYS loose.

2) The Hubs has a new schedule for work right now. It'll last for only 2 months but I love he's home by 5 and has his weekends off. It's nice to feel normal.

3) My Oster 12 speed blender. It also has a food processor and let me tell you; I have been a blending machine lately! It looks like this one but mines black.

4) This hairstyle.

I love the bangs and the fact that the color is similar to mine as well as the length. I'm thinking I may need to cut some bangs now.

Another reason is because I want to be able to do this and look as cute as she does.

I have 2 scarves I can use for this look and I know HOW to do this look. I just hope I can pull it off. I just love how sweet and fresh it is. Can we say good cover-up for bad hair days?

5) Etta James. She just passed this week and it breaks my heart. She was a truly amazing talent and her songs were full of love and energy. She was a fighter and she was beautiful. At Last will ALWAYS be a favorite song of mine. Jack the Knife is pretty darn good too!

6) K-Love. It's a local Christian radio station here in AZ and I listen to it all the time. My children hear it too and when they try and sing these beautiful songs of hope and love, it truly melts my heart.

7) Cake. Any kind really except for chocolate. I have an obsession and if it's sweet, covered in icing and pretty, it's gonna go in my belly. Just because it can.

8) Pinterest. Talk about a cool site. I am so thankful it exists. I get hair and make-up pointers, wardrobe ideas, cooking and home tips. It's all there.

9) The under mount sink in this rental. I know that sounds funny but seriously, it's the coolest thing. I can make a sandwich and then once I'm done, swipe the crumbs straight into the sink. No fuss, no mess. Just swipe away and in it falls. Then once the food is all gone, I just wash up the utensils used to make said food and the crumbs get washed away too!

10)  This man.

He is my life wrapped into a tall, strong companion. He gives me all I need and even when I think I don't need it, he's there anyway. With him, I have realized that home is in his arms.

So there ya have it. A few things that I'm diggin' and a few things I adore. What about you?

"What are you digging these days?"

~Bugs & Fishes

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