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Just 3MD

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fashion do's or don'ts

I'm...leaving on a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back again.

Alright, well, that's not 100% true. I do know when I'll be back. But anyway, I'm off! I'm headed to Colorado Springs, Co to visit my lovely sister in a few days and I can not WAIT to get there. It's in the teens during the day and to say packing was a challenge is an understatement. I'm coming from AZ where it's flip flops and tank tops people so yea.

I consider myself a thrifty person so I headed to Goodwill and bought a few sweaters and a scarf among other things. Figured they would be worn there and not so much here so why spend a ton when I can get a great piece for the closet for cheap. I mean, let's face it. $25 at the mall will get you a shirt, on sale. $25 at Goodwill can get you 2 scarves, a sweater and a pair of skinny jeans. WOO HOO!

So wanna see my outfits I put together? Sure you do! Every girl loves a fashion show so let me share with you what I got and BE HONEST! Am I seriously off my rocker or can I pull these looks off? I have only a few days to make any wardrobe changes so here we go! And by the way, my beautiful Daughter took the pics.

Look #1: black  skinny jeans, brown boots and a denium shirt.

Bless her heart. lol Look #2 for Valentine's Day is a heart sweater with jeans and flats.

Look #3: navy blue skinny jeans (yes those are blue) with a yellow long sleeved shirt under a flannel.

Look #4: olive green skinny cargo pant with white button down and brown boots.

Me: Little Miss can you see all of me in the camera?
LM: Yes I can.
Me: With it tilted that way?
LM: yep!

Well, she wasn't lyin'.

And just 'cause, this is my take on the little scarf hairdo. I really should wear makeup.

So I have a few other looks but since my Photographer needs a bath and I need to get some more stuff together I'll just list them here.

5) jeans, white sweater, pea coat with scarf.
6) grey skinny jeans with black flats and white button down. (The one in the above pic)
7) jeans with yellow cardigan and a silk navy and cream striped shirt with brown boots.

I think that's plenty and it's recurring pieces so I think I'll be OK. Any helpful tips? Ideas on what I have pictured above?

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