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Just 3MD

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Girl Panties

Yep. I started potty training Brynnan on Mother's Day. What a gift to me right? Well, she is 22 months and I wanted to get her trained before baby boy gets here and before she was "diaper trained". She is doing extremely well and I'm so proud of her! She looks so cute in her new panties and she loves to go potty so she can get her treat! Silly girl. I've done both day and night training with her and she is just fantastic. A few accidents and has woken up a few times wet but all in all the girl has got it! One thing she WILL NOT do. Go #2 in the potty. Why is that so hard or scary for children? Oh well, my little Loubie Lou is growing up and I'm proud of the toddler she has become!

Potty time


barbaraluckey said...

Of course she's smart, she has good genes!!!! She's growing up so fast and I'm missing it - ughhhhh! OK baby boy needs a name. Have you decided on one yet? It won't be long before Little Miss B will be 2 years old and I know she's gonna get a big party. Right? Hope her big girl panties fit. Love you and miss you all. Scratch Moose for us!

Barbara Usery said...

Ok, where are the updated comments? I know you guys have a lot on your plate right now. I know you're glad Koley is back HOME where he belongs. Hang in there, God's got something great in store for you. Keep your chin up. Give hugs and kisses all around from NC and scratch Moose for us! See ya in August if all goes as planned.