Just 3MD

Just 3MD

Sunday, April 26, 2009


April was a good month. My Dad had his 60th birthday , there was Easter and we got to have our big ultrasound! The baby is growing and healthy and we were pleased to learn we are having a son. Everyone was excited about the news and we got a few great pics. Now to get Rick to talk names with me.

As for the rest of the month the weather has been crazy causeing us all to get colds and that's no fun. My belly is growing and I'll be 6 months on Monday the 27th. Brynn loves to push up my shirt and kiss my belly or lay her head on it to see if she can "hear" the baby. She's so cute and still makes me smile all the time. On Easter she was a STAR! She wen straight for her basket of goodies and was pleased to find some cool toys such as a bubble wand, matchbox cars and a magna doodle. When it came time to hunt for eggs she needed no instruction. She went for it and found all the eggs I had hidden for her. That's one smart cookie...just like her Mom.

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Jeremy,Jennie said...

Oh my gosh, Brynnan is getting so big, I still think of her as a baby, but there is no baby left in her, she's turned into such a pretty little girl!!!!!! And Aleigh, you are beautiful!!!!! You are lookin freakin' adorable, I love the belly!!! Miss ya, girl.