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Just 3MD

Sunday, April 1, 2012

High Kicks and Low jabs

Little Miss is girly. Anyone that knows her or has read this blog at all knows this. If it's pink, sparkles and has a Princess on it, she's gotta have it. Mermaids? Her best friend. Diamonds? Yes please! So you can imagine my complete and utter surprise when she told me she would rather take martial arts than ballet class! That convo went a little something like this:

Me. "WHAT?!?! Wait, did I hear you right? You want to take Karate over dance?"

Little Miss: "Yep."

Me: "Can I ask why?"

Little Miss:  "I already know how to dance."

Me: "OK then."

Well, can't blame me for asking right? She knew what she wanted, so after about a year of her telling me this I talked to the Hubs and we took her for a try out class today. Now, I know you saw year and thought "Goodness gracious. Makin' that poor child wait that long" but she's little and we wanted her to be about 5. Well, Can I just tell you how adorable she was?!?! She did her best, ran her heart out during warm up and she even broke a board! It was a plastic one that is pre cut but it has to be hit hard enough and she went for it. I was so proud. Her daddy was brighter than a lighting bug on a summer night!!!

The original plan was to get her lessons and the uniform and wait until her birthday in July but we couldn't do that to her. She was so happy and she went all out that we went ahead and let her start now. She squealed y'all! Straight up squealed! It was great! When we got home, I put her new uniform on her and she was so happy to wear it. Until she got hot and wanted to go outside that is.

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