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Just 3MD

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ever heard/used the expression

I'm freezing my butt off? Yea, that's what I was doing up there in sunny, WINDY Colorado Springs! I had a blast don't get me wrong. When my Sis and I get together it's pure craziness and fun but I hate being cold. Ask the Hubs. If it's under 75 I'm freezing.

We did a lot of cool stuff and saw some amazing places. Each one more beautiful than the first. I think I could live in CO as long as the weather stayed like it is in June/July all year long. That to me is perfect conditions. Sis had the gaul to say that the snow was beautiful and it's not wet snow. Umm, that's like me saying the heat in AZ is not like heat in other places since it's a DRY heat. I know what she was saying. I get it, but for the first time I realized how nuts it sounded.

So without further adu, I'm posting a few pics of the lovely trip I had. It was nice to get away but man, a full week is too long for me to be away from my Family. Next time, I'm dragging them with me!

These are from Garden of the Gods. SUCH a gorgeous place! That's Sis and I. I'm the one on the bottom.

My Nephew Christian and I being big ol' Goof balls!

Just a house I saw on the side of the road. It reminded me of a doll house and something my Daughter would LOVE to live in! I wish I could have gone inside and taken a look around. I can only imagine the charm that house has. I picture beautiful corbels and lots of vintage touches like real wood floors, wooden caseings and door frames. Oo, and maybe a tin ceiling and a claw foot tub. Sigh. Oh the things you can think!

This is balancing rock. Original name huh? Anyway, here I am doing the traditional, cheesy tourist pic and acting as though the weight of the world is upon me and I, look fantastic holding it!

Downtown Manatu Springs. What a great little town. Naturally I had to pose for a quick pic with Smokey's cousin Wheezy. Notice where his gaze is? Yep, typical guy!

Actually, I like this picture of me. It shows me happy and not with a fake grin on my face. I rarely have pics like that of me. Not to mention those steps were super tall to a house off the road.

This one makes me laugh! Sis was squatting and talking to this squirrel trying to get it to come to her. Well, she freaked when it actually got so close it smelled her fingers!

A cute advertisement. How cool are those bubbles? And look! Notice the sign post is all plumbing supplies and a shower head! That store by the way, smelled amazing!

These next few are from a haunted cemetary there in the Springs. We went on a uber cold day and it was grey! Set the mood nice but since we couldn't go to where the actually "ghosts" were spotted and recorded, we just looked around. This statue creeped me out but I loved the saying.

                                              "It is not enough to help the feeble up, but to support him after."

This is the haunted chapel. It was locked. Boo!

An overall shot of the grounds. Yes, it was actually that grey outside. If you ever visit Colorado Springs, CO and want to visit a haunted cemetary, look up Evergreen. It was on A&E in their show My Ghost Story.

OH! And one final piece of advice.The adage ,"when packing for a trip you should aways take double the money and half the clothes." Yep, it's true. DO THAT!

~Bugs & Fishes!

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