Just 3MD

Just 3MD

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Caught in a trap

...and I can't walk out.

OK to quote Elvis is classic but really, I'm not classic and I am caught. More like in a rut but trap will work too. I have stuff I want to do. Crafts and improvements I want to make but I, for the life of me, can not seem to get the mojo running. I have a hanging tin basket that I need to make a spring/Easter "wreath" with and wooden planks to make SOMETHING out of but yet, there it all sits. Collecting dust and whispering "Help me. Make me beautiful".


So now what? I'm on my second, yes second, don't judge me, cup of coffee and still no idea, no motivation to get my hands dirty and thoughts together. Hmm, maybe it's the coffee. Maybe all the caffeine is too much and my mind can't get to a spot to calm down enough to....well, wait, what?

OK, no more coffee for me today. I'm done. So now I look to you, my fellow bloggers and friends. Help me. What words of motivation can you swing my way  to get my butt in gear? Have you done any projects lately that you love and think it's the bees knees? Share it here! I'd love to take a peek and have your mojo rub off on mine!

~Bugs & Fishes,

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