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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update on the cucapple

Well I finally did it. I broke down, sat at the computer for a good 30 minutes and watched a few YouTube videos on how to juice WITHOUT a juicer. Yep. You can do it. I have a standard Black and Decker kitchen blender and so when I saw the videos, I was thrilled that I can juice with it.

I headed out to Ace Hardware and bought a bag. It's called a nut milk bag on the web and you can purchase them from Amazon. I, however, got a jelly bag for $6 locally since NO ONE knows, nor carries a nut milk bag. This is the one I got. Basically it's the same thing but a tad smaller. It's nylon, washable and I got 2 for what you pay for one nut milk.

My attempt at juice concoctions was overzealous. I was going to do the cucapple  but then thought "I should do a lot of juice so I can freeze it". Well, I did. I made a blend of 2 apples (1 green and 1 Fuji) 1 lemon (rind and all), about a cup spinach, 1 cucumber, 3 carrots and a large piece of ginger.  When I took the lid off it smelled good! I was excited.
After you juice all your ingredients you have to take your bag and strain it. This takes a bit of time because you have to squeeze it all out. Now, I did good but I gotta say, my arm got tired. I ain't gonna lie y'all it was all limp when I was finished. I got a good 3 cups worth of juice from all those veggies and apples though. 

This is the pulp ball. It was about the size of a baseball. It was wet to the touch but when it was not in my hand, my hand wasn't wet. Does that make sense? 

Anyway, you can make all kinds of stuff with the pulp ball. I saw a video for zucchini bread, buju bread was mentioned but no recipe. Although I did learn Buju was the Jamaican word for fat child as well as the first name of a Ragae singer. GO FIGURE!

I took the juice and froze it in an ice cube tray. Each cube was an ounce so I'll just pop out 3 cubes in the morning and once thawed, I'll have a quick morning shot of some vitamins and minerals. The lemon is a nice zing to get ya going too. I think my next blend will be more of a green juice. Not too sure. I hope this was helpful to you some. I know I was OVERWHELMED when I first started looking into this stuff but it really is easy. Here's a quick recap of what I learned:

1. Yes you can juice with your blender.
2. Get your bag from Ace in the housewares section of the store. It's cheap, local so no shipping charge and you get 2 bags instead of one.
3. You want to drink the juice at its freshest and if you fresh squeeze it, then put it in the fridge, it can grow bacteria very quickly.  So you either want to drink it within 24 hours, or freeze individual servings and thaw each day.
4. As long as you have 3 carrots in the base of your juice, it'll taste the best and have a ton of vitamins. OH OH OH, and a beet has the same amount of iron in it as a steak!

~Bugs & Fishes,

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