Just 3MD

Just 3MD

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ummm, yea.

So, I have no excuse. I forgot about this blog! GASP! Can we call it a blog? I see it more like a forgotten diary that was hidden too well. Maybe like an old penny that had fallen between the couch cushions.

What have we been up to you ask? Well, in the YEAR (I am so ashamed) that I have been absent both of mind and blog, tons. We moved into a nice home. We are renting actually. Our cabin is STILL for sale and somehow managed to escape the largest fire Arizona has ever seen. My 2 littles are not so little. My 22 month old is potty trained and Brynn just turned 4! Koley is now a high school graduate who has decided to join the U.S. Army. He's in the process now and will go next Tuesday to take the entrance exam.

I still try and decorate on a shoe string and it drives the Hubs nuts when he gets a call from me asking if I can bring home a dresser or a table to redo. Most of our convo's go something like this...

Me: Hey, do we have room in the garage for a dresser?

Rick: Ummm

Me: Alright, I found the perfect shape and size so I'll be seeing you soon. Gonna need help moving it into the space. I have big plans. Love you! See ya in a sec!

Rick: Umm

I use his power tools but I always put them back in their rightful place. I get paint from the oops section and I find the hum of the hand sander a lullaby. Why can't I have a $20 dresser for Noah? It's a double duty kind of thing. Furniture that is much needed as well as therapy for Mama. Also much needed.

If you haven't learned yet I am very scatter brained. Nope. Can't blame the littles or even the teenager. I just am. Born this way and have honed said craft in my short 33 years of life. Wow. 33. Gonna be 34 in a few weeks and can you believe I forgot how old I was? Yep. Had to take a moment and do the math. Good grief Charlie Brown.

So as far as the chair for Noah, I painted it and covered it and then went "I don't like the color". Soooo, I'm gonna redo the sunshine yellow into a muted gray and add trim. The lamp for Brynn, painted, got the bulbs and crystals but have yet to put it all together since her room isn't wired for an overhead light. What kind of room isn't wired for an overhead light? Even prisons in third world countries have overhead lighting. Oh well, alas, she waits for her jewels to be attached and her rope chain to be covered so she can hang with all the glory this self proclaimed DIYer can give her.

I am making a promise now, to you. To you small few that have read my "blog" at least once in it's short life. I will post once a week and keep you updated in this crazy circus I call home. After all, I am the ringmaster and I hold the, wait, what's that thing called? Oh yea, the bullhorn.

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Jeremy,Jennie said...

Ahhh Aleigh, I miss you!!!!!! So glad I'm going to get a weekly update on your life!!