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Just 3MD

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mr. Little's room

So you guys know that I have plans for little mans room. As of right now, this is what you'd expect to find if you walk into the door.

His artwork on either side of the closet doors are by none other than yours truely. The wagons came from gifts from family and friends.

His name is spelled from pages out of an ABC Superhero book I picked up for a dollar at the local Goodwill.

Ah yes, the rescued chair. It's not finished. Sigh. He's gonna get a new coat of paint. I'm thinking grey and then nailhead trim. Any other ideas you might have for color and trim? Please feel free to share.

It's not bad but it's a modge podge of things tossed together and to be honest, I'm not in love with it. AT ALL! Normally I like eclectic but not here. The picture above his bed is of what looks to be a scene of a grey morning at the side of a small pond and honestly it's just there to hang. Nope. It doesn't match at all and there is no glass in it, BUT, this too shall change. I'm thinking I'll paint the frame in the same grey as the chair. Then I'll just add glass and then a really awesome quote. Well, after I cover up the picture with some cool scrapbook paper.

I'm on the lookout for cool art that I can either make or upcycle from other things. It's no secret that I love Goodwill. Where else can you find cool furniture and everyday needs such as this little gadget?

Personally I feel sorry for the person that had to wear that.

Oh well, my mind is drifting and so I'll leave you with this thought. A car bed, vintage airplanes and a gas pump plus this little cutie...

equals what?

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