Just 3MD

Just 3MD

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If your not blogging....

than you're doing right?

So this morning I was in a mood and decided I'd take it out on the free wooden palllet my Brother-in-law had given me. He was happy to get it out of his yard and I was happy for the wood. Now, I didn't really get a good look at this thing until this morning and well, it was in rough shape. More so than I had thought.

Do you see that grey stuff? Yea, that stuff. It's stucco. The pallet had bags and bags of the powder stuff stacked on it for a long time. Then, it rained and it turned into a fine cement style gunk. Sigh. This was gonna be tough but I was tougher. No gloves people. I was ready! I took my trusty hammer and started to pry the first board off just to see what I was dealing with. Then, this happened.

Oh great! This was not gonna be as easy as I hoped. The wood split and seemed so brittle. AND THIS WAS ONLY THE FIRST PIECE!

So I ditched the hammer and grabbed this handy dandy tool.
Umm, remember the description I gave you earlier of what that grey stuff was?

Yea...Mr. Saws all wasn't sawing anything. It wouldn't go through that to save it's poor little life. I think I even smelled the faint smell of burnt motor. OK kidding. I didn't smell the burnt motor smell but I half expected too.

Alright. This. Means. War! I put away the childish toys and brought out the big guns; the circular saw.

Mr. I look good in orange. He did the trick and did it well. Unfortunatly the wood was crap so I was only able to get a few pieces and none of them were the same size.

I put them together on the ground in a design I liked and this is what it looks like for now. I really like it to be honest and think I'll continue on with the idea I had in mind for this. Next step is to sand it down and stain it. After all that, attach it and add some design to the front. Instant and almost free wall art for Noah.

So yea, little ol' me did all this this morning in what had reached 90 degrees in shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops. Normally I would NEVER do that. Safty first and all but I was lucky and only walked away with a small cut. And believe you, me it hurts!


Jeremy,Jennie said...

This is awesome. You're amazing! Why don't we live closer??

Kristin said...

Love this idea!!