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Just 3MD

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is that school supplies I smell?

Pre-K. It's kindergarten with training wheels.

Miss Little started school this year. This is the first learning enviroment she has been in other than the chaos I call home and I'm so excited for her! She dressed in her most comfy and most adorable outfit and was ready to go.

If you hadn't noticed, she's a fan of Hello Kitty.

She was so kind to answer a few questions for me before we rushed out the door and though I snapped this shot,

She had another list she wished to share with me. It was Things I want to learn at school:

1. To read
2. Write my name
3. Sing new songs
4. Learn new dance moves

Ok there were about 7 in all but they were repeats of the first four. She also shared what she wanted to DO like color and paint. Granted, color and paint are way cool and way fun and deserve attention BUT she is already super duper awesome at it.

When we got to school there were no tears. All smiles and the excitement this little girl had was off the charts! She let me take a shot with her teacher, Mrs. Peterson. I just KNOW these 2 will be fast friends.

IS it me or does she look older in that picture? Hmm.

She gave a quick hug, a kiss and a high 5 before she took off to the playground with the other kids. Last thing I saw was her ponytail flopping in the breeze. My little isn't so little anymore. Heavy sigh. Sad theme music in the background. Mom walks slowly away and turns to look back. Nope. She's off on the slide. Have a blast little girl and learn lots!

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