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Just 3MD

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

H.A. Double L O. W. Double E. N!

That's right people. Halloween is right around the corner and I'm already thinking of ways to make the house look cute and spooky all at the same time. Since I have the Littles I can't make it really scary but I have ideas in my head. 

I love crafts and Martha Stewart and Pinterest and all that fun goodness..I look at the WWW at night when the Littles are nestled in their beds and I have a few minutes to myself. So when I checked out Pinterest the other night I found something I just HAD to do. It's a printable countdown to Halloween!

Seriously! It's so dang cute and yes, it will be happening tonight people! I found TONS of adorable things to do and pinned them in my Holiday board. Go check it out. You might find some stuff you like in there too so hey, follow me. I'll follow you, we can follow one another. This is a time in your life that's it's OK to do what the other kids do!

I need to get with the Littles though and make a wreath for the front door and then chose a printable for the entry table. I have so much to chose from that it's hard to decide. I do really like this for the front door but at $150 from the original seller (Etsy) I just can't go there. I'll figure something out though.

For the day itself the Littles and I will all dress up and then do a round of Trick-Or-Treating at the elementary school. They have trunk or treat and it's safe and lighted. We will be Tinkerbelle, Peter Pan and Wendy. I'll be Wendy. GOOD TIMES! 

What will you be this year? What are you plans for your home? How about your favorite Fall recipe  Share it here with me. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you.

~Bugs & Fishes,

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