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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bee A Queen

As we all know, I'm a Mom. A Mommy. A Mother. A Mum. However you say the word, it all means the same thing. To my children, I am the Boss, the cuddler, the "make the boo boo all better" and even the one who does the discipline. In a nutshell, I'm THE ONE

Very rarely do I get time to myself. Reading a book is almost unheard of unless it's Pinkalicious or Mercer Mayer (whom I adore) so to take a moment and be selfish is kinda a hard thing for me. Don't laugh, it's true. I am a follower of  Vintage Revivals. It's a great little blog. Go check it out! Anyway, she has a post about a giveaway and well, I want to win it. It's called Bee A Queen

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Umm, sign me up please! The question is simple. Why  do you deserve to be a Queen for a day? OK so I THOUGHT it was simple. When I first typed them out it seemed like a list that looked more like a sob story instead of a happy Mother. Do I really hate being talked to and crowded when I go poo? Was having surgery due to thyroid cancer really all that bad? The answers are no. My children love me and want to be around me all the time. One day I'm gonna turn around and they'll be 10 and want to follow their friends instead. Surgery was a blessing. It removed my "yucky bugs", as per the Littles, and I am feeling better. It's a slow process and my hair is falling out more so than normal but it'll stop and my health will continue to improve. So what's there to complain about? 

I guess the reason I want to be a Queen is simply this:

A Queen is a refined "young" Lady.
A Woman whom oozes class.
She crosses her ankles instead of her legs 
with a pillow always under her ....

But I am a Mother of three.
Two are young and one is much older.
I've been through the teens and the in betweens
and the weight still lays on my shoulders.

Make up and hair?
Clean clothes and  new shoes?
Does this really exist or am I dreaming?
'Cause my life is more flip flops and yoga pants
with two Littles in the background screaming!

Every picture of me I look haggered.
Sleep doesn't come easily my way.
Little one had a bad dream or Little two needs some water.
OH Calgon! Please come and take me away!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I do my best to prepare healthy meals.
But someone hates the sauce or the meat isn't right
Don't they care how that makes me feel?


Yes I am exhausted. 
And yes, my food is always cold. 
But my family is my greatest blessing. 
I wouldn't trade them for King Midas' gold.

But, to Bee A Queen for the day.
Now that's a toss up to be quite true.
My family's needs or my very own?
I think I'll go with option #2!


Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Good luck!! You totally deserve it!! (and thanks for the shout out!!)

Love your guts

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Thanks so much for entering! (sorry about the button drama) Good luck!

krystaladele said...

Great post! I'm pulling for you! Being a mommy is hard work and we would all love being a Queen for a day!

ASquared06 said...

Thanks everyone for the good luck wishes and vibes. Sorry to say I didn't make the top 5 but some wonderful people did. I can not WAIT to see the winner and how she looks after he fantastic day!