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Just 3MD

Friday, November 2, 2012

Not enough time

I have to come to realize I can't do it all. I try and I have high expectations of myself but man, time really slips by! The Littles and I made some stuff for the house for Halloween and then had a blast with festivals at Little Miss's school and even a party at her karate school. We decorated our car for Trunk-or-Treat and man did they get tons of candy! I've got a tremendous amount of pics so I'm just gonna overload ya. 

Tin can Mummies

from Dollar Store stuff

To this!

Batticoda and our glitter BOO 

An old fashioned Halloween greeting card with out stick broom

We were Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell. Yes, I know Wendy wears a blue dress but you go looking for a solid blue dress. I couldn't find one ANYWHERE! At the party I took my hair down and added a pink bow. I had curls like her at least!

Our trunk was Neverland. I This was my first year doing this and now that I know how crazy some get, next year will be epic!

Our treasure map

The treasure!

They had games inside

Tossing the hoop

Little Man was a natural at this one!

Punch the bag and get a candy! You had to hit the target in the middle. 

I really hope you enjoyed your Halloween this year and scored on the candy! T minus 23 days till Thanksgiving!

Bugs & Fishes,

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