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Just 3MD

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back in the day

When you were little did you ever see those cool Halloween cereals in late September/early October and think "Man I wish my Mom would get those"? Well, I did and most of the time we kept right on walking and Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry never made it into the buggy. I was a deprived child. I missed out on all of the sugar infested cereal and gummy snacks. I had to eat Chex and apples. BOO!

So imagine my surprise when I saw these at my local grocery!

You can bet your bottom dollar those bad boys were greeted with a squeal and then a toss in my cart! OH YEA! I'm an adult. I buy my own groceries now so yes. They will be coming with me.

They even have their own adventure on the back now!?!?! How awesome!

I was so excited I got these that as soon as I got home and put all my groceries away I had to have a bowl. Hmm, which one would be first? I chose Boo Berry. He was good. I ate all the blue bits first and savored the marshmallows for last. Yum-o!

I was ecstatic to share in my delight with my kiddos. They, however, didn't get all my joy and didn't really love the cereal. Sigh. Oh well, some memories are best savored alone. At night. In the kitchen when everyone else is in bed asleep.

* please note this has been hanging out in my list of posts for over a month. I saw it today when I paid enough attention. So since it's a true story I wanted to go ahead and post it today. Get it out there so you know in a week when I still hope to be on my healthy kick I didn't fall off the wagon thanks to the temptatious manners of those guys!

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