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Just 3MD

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trying new things

So as you know, I'm a major fan of Pinterest and love to stay up late and pin stuff I would love to craft if I ever had the time and money and talent to do so. Well, there are a few things from the beauty section I have given a try.

First was the coconut milk for your hair as a conditioner. That was actually kinda fun. I was able to sit and watch TV with my hair in this white stuff for an hour. When it washed out and finally was dry, it was soft and shiny. In my book, that's a plus. I will be doing that one again. Esp. since one can gives me about 3 applications. The can cost less than $3 so just figure $1 for a deep conditioning treatment. Heck yeah!! That's thrifty!

Second was the pore strip recipe. 1 tbsp powdered gelatin and 1.5-2 tbsp milk. Mix and apply as it drys fast. Well no poop! That stuff sets up faster than a black Friday line outside Best Buy! I put the stuff on and sat for 15 to let it "cure" and then spent, oh, I don't know, 30 trying to feel it off!!! Talk about a mess. It stunk and in my haste to apply it my layer wasn't even so I had globs here and there. When you do get a piece you can peel off it hurts! Like, ripping my face off hurts. It not only cleans your pores but it removes any hair you  may have on your face. OMG I must have had a mustache and sideburns not to mention a beard! I had hair pulling off alll over my face. Can you imagine if you're from Checz decent? Good gracious! I washed my face with warm water and my face soap and then applied my favorite moisturizer.

I dig this stuff. Anyway, my face is on fire. It's bright red and burns but hey, the pinner was right. Your face is smooth. Can you see how red my face is? The globs of gunk I couldn't remove are on there too. This was a mess. Will I do this one again? Umm, let me think for a sec. NO! I'll spend the $8 for the grocery store brand and keep my hair face thank you!

Next up is the hair ideas I have done.

First was the sock bun and the sock bun curls. This works! It was easy and non damaging to my hair and made me look like I had full, luscious hair. Who doesn't want that? The curls were awesome too the next morning. I found it super simple to execute and sleeping in the bun was easy peasy as it was on the top of my head and didn't get in the way. A definite PLUS and one I have done a few times since the first try.

I learned how to do a fishtail braid (which I love and find romantic) and I have also done a few styles for Little Miss such as the Topsy turvy and waterfall braid.

So all in all I find that Pinterst is teaching me new tricks and I can't wait to try a few more. What have you pinned and tried? Did it work or was it a fail?

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