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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A fairy party fit for a Queen

Party decorations and ideas I have a ton of. Mainly though, I scour the world wide web for them and sometimes, if I'm lucky, happen to find some cool and easy tricks. Like this one.

OH, you best believe I did those! They took me about 45 minutes and I had made about 10 of them. Talk about cheap and easy. NO, I'm not talking about that crazy family member.

I had them set up in different locations around the party area along with some butterflies and a rose garland (both already decoration in Little Miss' room),

hung some paper lanterns in pinks and greens 

and I even placed a few fairy friends of Little Miss' around the food. 

We ate things like chocolate mushrooms, marshmallow fairy wands, flower cupcakes, a watermelon tea cup with berries, grape caterpillars and pink pixie punch. 

Each little girl that came to the party got her own fairy wings, fairy wand and butterfly hair bow. They were awaiting the girls in a vase of flowers and branches. A tiny gnome was sticking out and peeking at you as you went up and made your choice of butterfly clip. 

Mostly it was Little Miss, the Fairy Queen herself, that stole the spotlight. She knew what she wanted to wear and so I did my best. She and I went shopping at TJ Maxx and she found the perfect all white dress with a bit of pink and sparkle. She told me she wanted a crown of flowers with a butterfly flying so, off to Michael's we went. I was in luck. In the dollar section at the front they had these big butterflies in purples, pinks and blues. She chose a pink one. She already had a pair of pink fairy wings thanks to a pixie hollow friend of Tinkerbell's named Rosetta.  After about 10 minutes constructing the crown and another 10 for fixing her hair, my little fairy was ready for her party!

After all the girls arrived, we did a quick scavenger hunt in the backyard. The girls had to find a fairy and 2 gelflings. Gelflings are fairy friends. (aka, colored pom poms) 

Once they were all found they came to me for their prize! It was clothes for their fairy which was, in turn, a paper doll I had printed out on card stock. Each girl got a different color. I found these thanks to a search I did on Google. 

I made her cake in the shape of a toadstool. Since pink is her favorite color the top was fondant I colored pink. I didn't mix it all the way so that it would have a marble effect and look a bit more "real". It sat on a grassy field covered with wild flowers and a sprinkle walking path that led right up to the front door of the fairy house. The candle was a small flower and when lit, looked like the chimney! The cake flavor was pink lemonade. It was good but more Little Miss' liking.

 All in all, her party was fun and very girly. Very Little Miss and I was happy that at the end of it all, she told me she thought it was pretty. It made all the hard work of preparing and planning worth it. 


Don't get me wrong! After all the guests left and I cleaned up the bomb that had exploded in the house, we all changed clothes and by 7pm, were in bed and out like a light!

~Bugs & Fishes,

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