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Just 3MD

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tricycle Redo

A great family friend of ours is moving into a smaller home. Her Husband passed away last Christmas and being alone in her big house makes her sad. It makes me sad. I know I couldn't do it but I pray for her daily. I can not imagine loosing the Hubs. Sigh. 

OK, moving on from the sad. She gave me 2 trikes and a wagon that use to be her Grandchildren's. They have moved away so instead of giving them away to a stranger, she asked me first. Well, Y'all know me. I scooted over to her house and loaded them suckers up! They were in bad shape as far as looks go. Rusted, torn seats and faded red paint. I took the Little's to Ace and they picked out a can of paint. Little Miss picked out a can of pink properly named Sweet pea and Mr. Little picked out a color named orange. Why, because it was orange and that is his all time favorite color!

This is what I was working with y'all!

See? Talk about a mess. When I got them home and unloaded, the Hubs was very interested in what I had and what I was intending to do with it. 

"Well, I got these from ---- and so I'm gonna sand them down, paint them and redo the seat. Some type of vinyl should do it."

"You're gonna sand them down?"


"Uh huh"

Sigh. OK, I gotta be honest. I was wanting him to do it. The sanding part because it's a pain in the biscuits to do all that sanding by hand. Ya know what he said after a moment of pause and watching me wrestle the tricycle around?

"Let me take them to work and I'll sandblast them for ya."

God love him. Music to my ears. I couldn't let him know I was relieved to hear him come to my rescue so I nonchalantly said,

"Well, do you think that'll be the best option?" to which he replied with a serious look into my eyes. No words needed. DANG IT! This man knows me better than I thought.

So, after a few days The Hubs came home with freshly sandblasted trikes that were ready for painting. He, however, did not let me paint them. He wanted to do it. Wait, what? This is my project. I got the bikes, the paint, the plan. Why does he want to paint them? I told him no, I got this. Ya know what he did? He painted them anyway when I wasn't home. THAT BRAT!!! He blamed it on the Littles. Said they wanted their bikes and that Daddy should go ahead. Sigh. Oh well, it made him happy and the kids happy so who was I to complain. I did get to do the seats!

The After shot! Little Miss added her Disney Princess bike "purse" to her handlebars and is now ready to roll. I love these bikes. They are just so...cool! 

~Bugs & Fishes,

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