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Just 3MD

Monday, August 27, 2012


It's everywhere right now. On pillows, walls, curtains, bed linens and clothes. I've even seen it on jewelry. I love this pattern. Always have, even before it became popular. 

Anyway, when Little Man was going to turn 2, my plan was to redo his bedroom and surprise him with it on his birthday. I had bought some cute stuff and my theme for his room was "subdued nautical". I had purchased bed linens and some wall art as well as a wooden sailboat. It's all in tones of grays and light blues and of course white. Little Man's favorite color has been orange for quite some time now so for that SPLASH of color, I was thinking orange in more of a cremecicle tone. Well, wouldn't you know it, my friend told the Hubs that she was gonna sell her son's bedroom stuff and thought she would ask us before she put it on Craigslist. The Hubs jumped on this and so the theme I had was out the door and in came his car bed, gas tank lamp and bookshelf. This stuff is cute but I was kinda sad. Little man and Hubs were overjoyed. When we revealed his room on his birthday last year he loved it. He told anyone who would listen he had a race car bed with tires. OK, OK so it turned out great. BUT, I still have all my "subdued nautical" stuff in his closet for later. Like, 2 more years later. Hubs is hanging on to that bed for dear life!

Where I'm going with all of this is that, one of my projects that had me MIA for a bit was an over sized picture that I may use as a headboard for L.M. when I finally get to redo his room. See, last year I had a friend of mine cut out some vinyl for me. I gave her the font style and wording along with the size that I wanted. She cut it out and mailed it to me. It has been sitting in his closet for a year!!!  Well, I decided that enough was enough and took it out. I measured it and went to Goodwill. I was on, yet again, another hunt. I needed to find a HUGE picture and/or frame for cheap! Good news. I found the size I needed and it was orange tagged. On this particular day, orange was half off. Not to mention it was a good sign since...orange is his favorite color. I bought the picture and brought it home.

Here it is in all of it's Southwestern glory. PURDY isn't she? It's huge y'all.

Little Miss got her hands dirty helping me out. I bought the paint from Ace Hardware. Talk about luck, it was an oops color for someone but perfect for me. I only paid $4 for it. SCORE!

When I had my base color down, I measured everything off and then taped. I had some help from A step in the journey blog with an instructional post on how to do these. I had to make my measurements larger but this was easy to follow.

After that, I painted the white stripes and once dry, applied the vinyl. Took a step back and admired my handiwork. I like it. A lot. Turned out great and Little Man?

He likes it too!

For now, it sits in his room mixed in with his basket of stuffed animals and his baby rocker from when he was teeny tiny. 

To break down the cost of this "craft" I have listed it for you below.

Goodwill Picture:  $15.00
Oops paint $4.00
vinyl with shipping $10.00
painters tape and white paint I already had
TOTAL COST: $29.00

Now, I'm not an art junkie, but I know a picture of this size would run you far, far more than what I spent on all of it so in that aspect I'm really happy with my total cost. BUT, the cheapskate in me wishes it had been less.

~Bugs & Fishes,

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