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Just 3MD

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Bud!

Just a few short years ago my Newphew Christian was born. He is now 14 today and though he's not lived in the same town as me for a long time, I still see him as that little chubby boy he was, once upon a time.

He's grown into a tall boy. Dark hair and very pretty blue eyes like his Mom. They live in Colorado and I get the pleasure of seeing them in February 2012. Christian is a very loving child. He always wants to please and if he isn't giving you random hugs or driveby kisses he has his face inside his Nintendo DS defeating rogue aliens or something of the sort.

This year when my Sis sent me the email that contained his birthday wishlist I wasn't too surprised to see about 6-7 games on it. What I was surprised to see was the last entry. A pocket watch. One with a chain and if it has a hunter theme on it then he would be set. Hmm, a pocket watch? Really? For a 14 yr old? I talked to Christian about his list and asked why the watch. He just stated he liked them. Has for years and thinks they are cool. Well, how coluld I argue with that? My Grandfather had a pocket watch and I hear stories of how he was a wonderful guy, salt of the earth and would literally give you the shirt off his back. SO, my mind was set. Gotta find a pocket watch. Now, since the boy is on ly 14 I knew it wouldn't be uber expensive or crazy so I went to Amazon and found one without too much of a fuss.

It's got the chain and the theme and it comes in a wooden box. The price was perfect and so I ordered it and sent it on it's way. I'm excited for him to get it and I can't wait to hear what he thinks. Sis says it's perfect and he'll love it and Christian being Christian he will. He loves anything people give him. That's him. It's just his way.

The more and more I think about this whole pocket watch thing I get emotional. I feel like it ties him to our Grandfather Charlie. Something they can have in common. I hope one day Christian grows old and celebrates his life with his Wife and children by his side. I hope he walks his Daughter down the isle and gives his son that watch on a special occasion. Say, the birth of his Grandson. How wonderful of a tradition to pass along.

                                      Hmmm, Maybe I should I have gone with the $100 watch.

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