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Just 3MD

Monday, September 12, 2011

Obsession Confession

Since the Pinterest Challenge hosted by a small group of lovely and talented women, I have been obsessed with the site. I find everything from recipies (I've already made one and am making the 2nd tonight) to decorating and photography tips. Even cool inventions such as this one.
Are you serious? I need these. My children would celebrate me and call me awesome!

So in my midnight stupor of pinning, I have had a light go off. An idea of magnitude. LUNCH! Since Miss. Little is now attending Preschool she needs good and healthy lunches. We have done the traditional PB and J. Well, actually Sunbutter since regular, old fashioned peanut butter is now banned. An outlaw in schools due to it's allergy causing issues. We do pepper strips dipped in ranch, cherry tomatoes and hummus with pita chips. She also has gogurt and my little pony fruit snacks. But I found a pin that linked to a blog with lunch ideas for your children. This is it if you're interested.

So I took Miss Little with me to the grocery. List in hand we grabbed apples, raisins, cucumber, red pepper, baby carrots and some other healthy choices. Her next lunch? I'm thinking garden veggie cream cheese with cucumber slices on wheat, carrots and peppers dipped in ranch, mandarian oranges and then a sweet snack like chocolate covered pretzels. She can have 2. Afterall, she's my Daughter and if it's sweet, she's all over it.


Ashish Nandwani said...

I loved reading it.

Stephanie said...

Bet she loved her lunch! Awesome mom!