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Just 3MD

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet and Greet with,

                                                                            The Sea Princess.

She is from Oceania (pronounced (O-she-ann-uh for those of us who don't speak sea creature)  and she lives in a castle under the sea. Her favorite thing is to sing like Ariel and swim. She said her native  tongue is hard to understand but she will teach me later. BIG SMILES!

                                          Now on to how we came to create this masterpiece this morning.

Step 1:  I took an empty toilet paper roll, cut it in half and taped it to make it slimmer. I trimmed off a bit from the end to make it shorter and then rolled it in her hair at the crown. That was our first wave. Next, I took the sides, teased them out a bit, and wrapped them around the edges of the wave and pinned them.

For the back, I teased a section of hair and tucked it under the roll and then pinned it too. Then I added 4 small braids for a "waterfall" as per Little Miss.

Step 2:  was going outside. I covered her clothes and sprayed the blue into her hair. We used Jerome Russell in Bengal Blue from the B Wild collection. She loved that part and loved the vibrant color. I do too. SO cool!

Step 3: we added the crown and the seagulls and there she is. All done. She dressed in all blue to represent the sea. I told her that her white shoes could be the sea caps. Side note, do not try and explain sea caps to a 4 year old. It's almost impossible.


For asoceries, we added a blue sequin bracelet and then I made her a necklace using the whale from the first batch of sea creatures we bought. She chose the whale since it was blue. And VIOLA'! A very beautiful sea Princess if I do say so myself.

We did Mr. Little as well. He didn't want ot be left out! Funny thing is, that's his normal hair in the morning so really all I did was sray the front blue. He felt like such a big boy when we took his big sister to school and he fit right in.

Little Miss said she had the best hair at school and her Teacher, Mrs. Peterson, agreed saying that little girl was a hit.

Little Miss said she loved her hair the best. That...made me smile.


Jeremy,Jennie said...

Aleigh, you are basically the coolest mom. ever. Her hair looked uhhhhmazing, love it!!!

Natasha in Oz said...

I love it that little brother had to be part of all the fun! My son would have been just like that at that age too!

Best wishes,