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Just 3MD

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh. My. Gosh. Becky! Look at her....



So Monday is Crazy hair day at Little Miss' school and we just HAD to go all out. I gave her 2 choices.

Choice #1: A pair of cupcakes. Complete with cupcake wrapper, pink icing and cherries on top. She would wear a pink shirt with a cupcake on it to match and some fun shorts.


Choice #2: A sea theme with blue hair teased and sprayed all kinds of crazy with a mermaid and some fish. She would wear a blue tunnic style shirt dress with capri pants.

She chose 2.

Well, I got to work thinking on how to execute this look and headed to the Dollar Store with both Littles in tow. Little Miss picked from 2 bags of sea animals and then between a few hairbands. She went with a light blue that you can bend the sides out so you don't get that nasty headache from wearing it all day. I had to agree with her on that one. The sea animals she picked were not my choice but hey, this is her hairdo and she's sporting it so she gets the choice. Here they are. Her "friends". I don't know about those fish. The yellow has some crazy eyes that makes me think he's on something and then he green one looks like he got his lips stuck inside a vaccum cleaner.


ANYWAY, when we got home we dug out an old mermaid she had in her toybox. I glued that little blonde haired beauty in on the left. Little girl said left so left it was.

After she was stuck on there we added the sea creatures. I put it on her head and stood back to admire our creation. Not too shabby.




Now all I need to do is dye her hair. I found a chalk "recipe" to dye hair in a non toxic, easy to wash out way. I bought a big pack of chalk from the Dollar store today too so I plan on doing a dry run for the color. AFTER church of course. Cross your fingers! I'll post later on how it goes.

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Jeremy,Jennie said...

Lovin it!!! can't wait to see the finished product!! (and ps, she couldn't possibly be any cuter!!!!!!!)