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Just 3MD

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tossing "wishes" into a jar

Last night I promised my Daughter that we would make her a new piggy bank. Her first one, shaped like a hippo, is full and since I can't be bothered to roll tons of change, I found it easier to make the promise and more fun too. So this morning after our breakfast I gathered up a few things I had on hand here at the house. An old pasta sauce jar, ribbon, stickers, scissors and mod podge. OH and not pictured is a scrap of paper I had.

Once all items were ready and waiting, I called Miss Little over and off we set Mod Podging our paper to our glass jar. Once that was all dried, she started applying her princess stickers wherever she deemed fit.

Then I asked the Hubs to lend a hand with the lid and make a slit so the moola could pass through and into the jar. He came through, like he always does, but I found it ugly. AND SHARP!

Sooo, taking out the leftover fabric I had from my 1970's lamp redo, I covered the lid and tied the ribbon around to dress it up a bit.

She wanted a heart between the Prince and Princess so I had to oblidge with a sharpie. hehehe Overall, is it fantastic? AB-SO-LUTE-LY!!! She loves her work and so do I. She dropped in her money calling them wishes. She gets this from the fountain tradition of tossing in loose change. You've seen it. Think malls and large shopping centers.

Here's to many more wishes Peanut Butter! May they all come true.

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