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Just 3MD

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Picture Day!

Oh my I could have died from all the cuteness! Today was picture day at Little Miss's school and she looked so darn adorable I couldn't help but tear up. Yes, I am that corny.

When we got to her class they were all standing in a line. She took her place behind her friend, Finly, and placed her hands on her sholders so the train was complete. Once this was done, off they marched to take pictures. I was so glad they were first. Anyone with children or anyone that knows us, knows that after 2 minutes of being dressed and hair in perfect order, Little Miss looks like she just wrestled with an alligator and lost. I don't know how she does it but she has mastered it. A trait she has inherited, apparently, from her Mother. Sorry Mom. I now see what you were talking about with me.

So knowing my darling cupcake, I took a few pictures before we left so I could cherish her clean shirt, nicely done hair and spotless face.

Apparently this is how she likes to pose. Don't ask. I have no answer.

SO CUTE!!! I love this one. It's her. That smile makes me melt.

And just 'cause. I did 2 topsy turvy knots in her hair. This way it was out of her face but down. I thought for a few days on what I wanted to do with her hair for picture day and all in all I went for a look that screamed Little Miss. This is her and she is very much my Tomboy Princess!


Jeremy,Jennie said...

Such a little doll!!! And growing WAY too fast!!! I love, love, love her hair!!!

Ashish Nandwani said...

Awww , so beautiful , i find myself short of words!