Just 3MD

Just 3MD

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's called chalking for hair

It should be called "the biggest headache ever"! I swear it didn't work for us. I got instructions from here. I soaked the chalk for almost an hour. The water looked like this.

Umm, I thought it was supposed to be tinted but mine still looked clear. Oh boy. Reading on, the next step was to color on her hair. So I did. A small section since this was our test. Oh brother. Not too vibrant is it?

Once it was dry it got even worse. Her hair looked like this. Not so much color. It reminds me of those old ladies with the blue tint in their grey hair. Not so cool for a little girl wanting to go as the sea. I think it's safe to say we will be passing on the chalking for tomorrow.

OH! And the first round of sea creatures didn't want to stay. They were plastic and soft and not one ounce of texture so the glue wouldn't grab onto anything. So I went to the Dollar store AGAIN and got the first pack we found. The ones I liked better anyway. So I glued those on in a pattern and also added some doves, aka seagulls, to fill in. They were on sale for 50 cent so I splurged.

Not too shabby huh?

I made a few bobby pins too just to add encase we need them. Seagulls and a starfish.

I have to be honest. What was to be a simple and easy project turned into a nightmare. I had to go get new glue since the first sticks weren't low temp and wouldn't melt. Then the dang things fell off so we had to get new ones. PLUS, I had to get blue hairspray so her hair can be blue since chalk didn't work. UGH! Oh well, she's gonna rock it tomorrow.

OH and by the way, if you chalk your hair, I want to give you some advice. Take the chalk after it's soaked and scrap it and make a paste. Works better. AND once your hair is dyed and dry use hairspray to help set the color on your hair. It poufs off if you don't. Think, shutting an old book and dust flinging off. That's what your hair will do. Also, it shows better on lighter colored hair.

So there ya go. A bot random in my writing tonight but I'm exhausted and I have to get up a bit earlier than normal tomorrow to get all Little Miss's school stuff packed and ready before I wake her up and attempt a fab hairdo. WISH ME LUCK!

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